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Latest Video: Venture Forth

Posted ago by Drey

Here is a video I put together to help promote my friend Dan Manfredini’s board game Venture Forth. I wrote the script, had Marc Majcher record the voice over and then I composited original artwork from the game. I think …

Latest Story: A Welcomed Invasion

Posted ago by Drey

This is a short story about disconnection, competing realities, game design, social media and sex. READ IT

Latest Interactive Fiction: El Camino

Posted ago by Drey

The story concerns a man racing across the Arizona highway in an El Camino. He has stolen…something…and is being pursued by persons unknown. Of course, nothing in that description is what it seems. El Camino Transcript

Latest Poem: Flotsam

Posted ago by Drey

As the ship sank, I could only recall the sailors’ warnings of the mermaids who patrolled these waters. “Do not make eye contact, for you will find only an eyeliner-traced Charybdis, ready to take you down. Their lips are glossy …